The Faculty & Doctors

TEAM OF 140*+

The college has a team of dedicated and highly qualified faculty in all specialities with a vast teaching experience both at undergraduate and post graduate levels.

The faculty is involved in continuous, relevant and innovative research programmes. They are also invited as guest speakers at many well known institutions in the country. Senior members of the teaching staff are invited as paper setters, examiners and moderators by various universities all over India.

The college encourages its faculty to attend workshops, seminars, conferences, symposia, etc.

Our Mentors at NSMCH

Dr.Arvind Parsad
MBBS,MD Principal(Ex-Principal & HOD-FMT,IGIMS Patna)
Dr.Santanu Tripathi
MBBS-MD Dean & Professor-Pharmacology(Ex-Professor & HOD,College of Tropical Medicine,Kolkata)
Dr.U.P Singh
MBBS,MS Emeritus Professor,Gen.Surgery(Retired Professor,Pediatric Surgery,PMCH Patna)
Medical Advisor MBBS,MS(Anaesthesia)(Ex-HOD,NMCH)
Dr.ramji Parsad
MBBS,MS Professor & HOD-Anatomy(Ex-Principal,PMCH Patna)
Dr.Vibhu Priyadarshi
MBBS,MD,DTCD Emeritus Professor(Ex-Professor,PMCH Patna)
Dr.Ajit Gupta
MBBS,MD Medical Superitendent(Ex-Professor & HOD,IGIMS Patna)
Dr.Nirmal Kumar Sinha
MBBS,MS Professor-Surgery(Ex-Professor & HOD-NMCH)
Dr.Vishnukant Pandey
MBBS,MS,DNB Professor & HOD-Surgery(Ex-Professor & HOD Laparoscopic Surg,PMCH Patna)
Dr.Bindu Sinha
MBBS,MD,DNB Professor & HOD,OBS & Gynecology Dept..(Ex-Professor,PMCH Patna)
Dr.Ashok Sharan
MBBS,MD Professor & HOD Physiology(Ex-Professor & HOD,IGIMS Patna)
Dr.Satish Kumar
MBBS,MS Professor-Surgery(Ex-Associate Prof.. NMCH)
Dr.Uday Kumar
MBBS,MD Professor & HOD-BioChem..(Ex-Principal & HOD,IGIMS Patna)

List of Faculty & Doctors at NSMCH

Department Designation Name Qualification 
Anatomy Professor Dr. Ramji Prasad MBBS , MS
Associate Professor Dr. Niranjan Kr. Baidya MBBS , MS
Dr. Barun Kumar MBBS , MS
Assistant Professor Dr. Hema Narayan MBBS , MS
Dr. Shweta Jha MBBS , MS
Dr. Ruchi Ratnesh MBBS , MS
Tutor Dr. Vijay Kumar Singh MBBS
Dr. Babita Priti MBBS
Physiology Professor Dr. Ashok Sharan MBBS , MD
Associate Professor Dr. Megha R Dubey MBBS , MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Ranjana                            MBBS , MD
Tutor Dr. Saroj Kumar MBBS
Dr. Sandeep Kumar MBBS
Dr. Abhishek Kr. Bachan MBBS
Biochemistry Professor Dr. Uday Kumar MBBS , MD
Dr. Vivek Sinha MBBS , MD
Associate Professor Dr. Syed Khursheed Ezaj MSc. , PhD.
Assistant Professor Dr. Mamta Singh MBBS , MD
Dr. Swarnima Singh MBBS , MD
Dr. R.C. Singh MBBS
Dr. Neelam Kumari MBBS
Tutor Dr. Kumud Ranjan Thakur MSc. , PhD.
Pharmacology Professor Dr. Kumari Indu Sinha MBBS,MD
Dr. Santanu Kumar Tripathi MBBS,MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh MBBS,MD
Tutor Dr. Nilofar Yasmin  MBBS
Dr.  MD Shahzada MBBS
Pathology Professor Dr. Shahab Raza MBBS,MD
Associate Professor Dr. N.K. Srivastva MBBS,MD
Dr. Rajendra Kumar MBBS,MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Ganesh Prasad MBBS,MD
Dr. Binay Kumar MBBS,MD
Dr. Priyamvada                     MBBS,MD
Senior Resident Dr. Babita Kanaujia MBBS,MD
Tutor Dr. Rabiya Bano MBBS
Dr. Stuti Singh MBBS
Dr. Nishikant MBBS
Dr. Sanjeev kumar CMO MBBS
Medical Officer Dr. Shivendra Kumar Sinha MBBS
Microbiology Professor ----- -----
Associate Professor Dr. Om Prakash MBBS , MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Anupma Singh MBBS , MD
Tutor Dr. Mridushri Bharti MBBS , MD
Dr Dinkar Jha MBBS
Dr Mukesh Kumar MBBS
Forensic Medicine Professor Dr. Arvind Prasad MBBS, MS
Assistant Professor Dr. Navin Kumar                 MBBS, MS
Dr. Pinki Kumari MBBS, MS
Tutor Dr. S.K. Singh MBBS
Community Medicine Professor Dr. MD. Shamsuzzama Khan MBBS, MD
Associate Professor Dr. Nipendra Anand MBBS, MD
Dr. Vijay Kumar MBBS, MD
Assistant Professor Dr Geetika Singh MBBS, MD
Dr. Abhishek Kumar  MBBS, MD
Dr. Bhagraj Chaudhary       MBBS, MD
General Medicine Professor Dr. P.K. Verma                     MBBS, MD, PhD.
Associate Professor Dr. Madan Dubey MBBS, MD
Dr. Devendra kr. sinha MBBS, MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Manish Kumar MBBS, MD
Dr. Saurabh Jaiswal MBBS, MD
Dr. Farid Alam Ansari MBBS, MD
Senior Resident Dr. Vijay Lal MBBS, MD
Dr. Israrul Haque MBBS, MD
Dr. Abhigyan Kumar MBBS, MD
Junior Resident Dr. Abhishek kumar Patel MBBS
Dr. Nagendra Kr. Chaturbedy MBBS
Dr. Deepak Kumar MBBS
Dr. Raushan kumar MBBS
Dr. Kumar Pranaya Verma MBBS
Dr. Suman Bharti MBBS
Paediatrics Professor Dr. Avinash Kr. Sahay MBBS , MD
Associate Professor Dr. Simali Sinha MBBS , MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Rajnish Kumar MBBS , MD
Dr. Ramanuj Sharma MBBS , MD
Dr. Pankaj Kumar MBBS , DNB
Senior Resident Dr. Shambhu Kumar MBBS ,DCh
Dr. Kumar Gaurav MBBS , MD
Junior Resident Dr. Sachin  MBBS
Dr. Manoj Kumar MBBS
TB & CHEST Assistant Professor Dr. Abhisheka Kumar MBBS , MD
Senior Resident Dr. Vaibhav Shankar MBBS , MD
Junior Resident Dr. Gaurav Kumar CMO MBBS
Dermatology (Skin) Assistant Professor Dr. Richa Thakur MBBS , MD
Senior Resident Dr. Kunal Sinha                  MBBS , MD
Junior Resident Dr. Rajiv Kumar MBBS
Psychiatry Assistant Professor Dr. Rakesh kumar MBBS, MD
Senior Resident Dr. Shivam Sunil  MBBS, MD
Junior Resident Dr. Tarun Kumar  MBBS
General Surgery Professor Dr. Vishnu Kant Pandey MBBS, MS, DNB
Dr. Nirmal kr. Sinha MBBS, MS
Associate Professor Dr. Satish Kumar MBBS, MS
Dr. MD Shadab MBBS, MS, DNB
Assistant Professor Dr. Vivek  MBBS, MS, M.Ch
Dr. Manish Kumar MBBS, MS
Dr. Radha Krishnan Kumar MBBS, MS
Dr. Abhay Kumar MBBS, MS
Senior Resident Dr. Dhananjay Kr. Sinha MBBS, MS
Dr. Sumit Anand MBBS, MS
Dr. Anshu Atreya MBBS, MS
Junior Resident Dr. Abhishek Kumar MBBS
Dr. Rahul Kumar Sharma MBBS
Dr. Shazia Shama  MBBS
Dr. Kavita Kumari MBBS
Dr. Rahul Kumar Singh   MBBS
Dr. Pintu Kumar  MBBS
Orthopedics Associate Professor Dr. Saurabh Choudhary MBBS, MS, DNB
Assistant Professor Dr. Ashwini  Gaurav MBBS, MS
Dr. Rahul Anshuman MBBS, MS
Dr. Anish Kumar MBBS, MS
Senior Resident Dr. Shashi Kant MBBS, MS
Junior Resident Dr. Saurabh Kumar MBBS
Dr. Indresh kr. Gautam MBBS
ENT Assistant Professor Dr. Abhimanyu Anant MBBS, MS 
Senior Resident Dr. Jitendra Kr. Singh MBBS, MS 
Dr. Ravi Shekhar Sharma MBBS, MS 
Junior Resident Dr. Azad Kr. Thakur MBBS
Ophthalmology Assistant Professor Dr. Chandana kumari MBBS, MS
Senior Resident Dr. Shreya  MBBS, MS
Junior Resident Dr Ranjan Kumar MBBS
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Professor Dr. Bindu Sinha MBBS, MD,DNB
Dr. Sadhana Singh MBBS, MS
Associate Professor Dr. Vinita Sahay MBBS, MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Kajal Sinha MBBS, MS 
Dr. Anita Kumari MBBS, MD
Dr. Smriti Sparsh MBBS, MS 
Senior Resident Dr. Jyotsana Kashyap MBBS, MS 
Dr. Poonam Singh MBBS, MS 
Dr. Priyanka Rani MBBS, MS 
Dr. Sweta Singh MBBS, DNB 
Dr. Mehre Afshana Mehdi MBBS, MS 
Junior Resident Dr. Ritu Kumari MBBS
Dr. Pooja Kumar MBBS
Dr. Navita Sinha MBBS
Dr. Seema Kumari MBBS
Anaesthesiology Professor Dr. Shailesh Prasad MBBS, MD
Dr. Uday Kumar MBBS MS(Bio-Chemistry)
Assistant Professor Dr. Ranjeet kr. Singh MBBS, MD
Dr. Shashi kant MBBS, MD
Dr. Ambuj  MBBS, MD
Dr. Neha nupoor MBBS, MD
Senior Resident Dr. Bindiya kaur Bali MBBS, MD
Junior Resident Dr. Rajeev Kumar MBBS
Dr. Kumar Abhishek MBBS
Dr. Gaurav kumar Singh MBBS
Radiology Associate Professor Dr. Sanjay kr. Choudhary MBBS, MD
Assistant Professor Dr. Abhishek Sinha MBBS, MD
Senior Resident Dr. Rajesh kumar Singh MBBS, MD
Dr. Rahul Raj MBBS, MD
Dentistry Assistant Professor Dr. Richa Dubey MDS, BDS
Dr. Sneha Mayuri BDS
Junior Resident Dr. Shritika Kumari BDS
Consultant Dr. Raushan  BDS
Designation Name Qualification
Professor Dr.  Ramji Prasad MBBS ,MS
Asso.Prof Dr.  Barun Kumar MBBS , MS                                
Asst.Prof Dr. Hema Narayan MBBS, MS
Tutor Dr. Rahul Kumar  MBBS
Dr.Vijay Kumar MBBS
Dr.Babita Priti MBBS 
Professor Dr. Sunil Kumar  MBBS, MD
Asst.Prof Dr. Ranjana MBBS ,MD
Tutor Dr. Saroj MBBS
Dr. Indresh Kr.Gautam MBBS
Dr. Tarun Kuamr MBBS
Professor Dr.Vivek Sinha MBBS, MD
Asso. Prof Dr.Syed K.Ejaz MSc. , PhD
Asst.Prof Dr R.C.Singh MBBS, MD
Dr Mamta Singh MBBS, MD
Tutor Dr.Swarnima Singh MBBS, MD
Dr.Anju  MBBS
Dr. Kumud Ranjan Thakur MBBS
Professor Dr. Kumari Indu Sinha MBBS, MD
Asst.Prof Dr. Nilofer Yasmin MBBS,MD
Tutor Dr. Md.Sahzada MBBS
Professor Dr.  S.N.Srivastav MBBS, MD
Asst.Prof Dr. Ganesh Prasad MBBS,MD
Tutor Dr.Priyamvada MBBS, MD
Asso.Prof Dr. Om Pakash Prasad MBBS,MD
Asst.Prof Dr.  Anupma Singh MBBS,MD
Tutor Dr. Mridushri Bharti MBBS,MD
Professor Dr. Arvind prasad MBBS,MD
Asst.Prof Dr. Navin  MBBS, MD
Tutor Dr. Kumar Dinkar MBBS
Asst.Prof Dr. Nipendra Anand MBBS,MD
Tutor Dr. Bhagraj Chaudhry MBBS
Professor Dr. Vibhu Priyadarshi MBBS,MD, DTCD
Dr. P.K.Verma MBBS,MD,PhD
Asso.Prof Dr. Madan Dubey MBBS, MD Dr.  Manish  MBBS,MD
Dr. Vijay Lal MBBS,MD
Dr. S. Jaiswal MBBS,MD
Dr. Farid Alam Ansari MBBS,MD
SR Dr. Israul Haque MBBS,MD
Dr.Bhupendra Kumar MBBS,MD
Dr.Vijay Lal MBBS,MD
JR  Dr. Rajiv Kumar(CMO) MBBS 
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar(CMO) MBBS
Dr.Nagendra Kr.Chaturbedy MBBS
Dr. AshrafRayee MBBS
Dr Nishikant MBBS
Dr. Pranay K Verma MBBS
Dr. Raushan Kr. MBBS
Asso.Prof Dr. Shimali Sinha MBBS,MD
Asst.Prof Dr. Pankaj Kumar MBBS,DNB
Dr. Ramanuj Sharma MBBS,MD
Dr. Rajnish Kumar MBBS,MD
SR Dr. Shambhu MBBS,DCh
Dr. Kumar Gaurav MBBS,MD
JR Dr. Sachin  MBBS
Dr. Manoj Kumar MBBS
Asst.Prof Dr. Abhisheka Kumar MBBS,MD
SR Dr. Asif Feroz MBBS,MD
JR Dr.Randhir Kumar MBBS
Asst.Pof Dr. Richa Thakur MBBS,MD
SR Dr. Kunal Sinha MBBS,MD
JR Dr. Ravi Kumar MBBS
Asst.Pof Dr. Rakesh Kumar MBBS,DNB
SR Dr.Shivam Sunil MBBS, MS
JR Dr. Mani shanker Sinha MBBS
Professor & HOD Dr. Vishnukant Pandey MBBS,MS,DNB
Asso.Prof Dr. Satish Kumar MBBS,MS
Dr.  Sadab MBBS,MS,DNB
Asst.Pof Dr. Manish Kumar MBBS,MS
Dr. Vivek Kumar MBBS, MS,M.Ch
Dr. Abhay Kumar MBBS,MS 
Dr. Kr.Rohit MBBS,MS,M.Ch.
Dr. Radha Krishan Kumar MBBS,MS
Dr Dhananjay KR. MBBS,MS
SR Dr.Sumit Anand MBBS,MS
Dr. Abhinav Prakash MBBS,MS
Dr.Kislay Kant MBBS,MS
JR Dr.Vijay Kumar MBBS
Dr. Amarjeet Chaudhary MBBS
Dr Abhishek MBBS
Dr. Ashraf Rayee MBBS
Dr. Shamsheer Alam MBBS
Dr.Vijay Kumar  MBBS
Professor Dr Saurabh Chaudhry MBBS,MS,DNB
Asso.Prof Dr Anis Kumar MBBS,MS 
Asst.Pof Dr Rahul Anshuman MBBS,MS 
Dr. Ashwini Gaurav MBBS,MS 
SR Dr. Shashikant MBBS,MS
JR Dr. Saurabh Kumar MBBS
Asst. Prof Dr Abhimanyu Anant MBBS,MS              
SR Dr Jitendra Kr Singh MBBS, MS              
JR Azad Kr Thakur MBBS                
Asst.Prof Dr Chandana Kumari MBBS,MS 
SR Dr Shreya MBBS
JR Dr. Mukesh Kumar MBBS
Obstetrics & Gynaecology 
Professor Dr Bindu Sinha MBBS,MD,DNB
Dr. Sadhna Singh MBBS,MS 
Asso.Prof Dr Vinita Sahay MBBS,MD 
Asst.Prof Dr Anita Kumari MBBS,MD
Dr Kajal Sinha MBBS,MS   
Dr SmiritiSparsh MBBS,MS   
Dr Priyanka Rani MBBS,MS
SR Dr Jyotsna Kashyap MBBS,MS
Dr Poonam Singh MBBS,MS
Dr Sweta Singh MBBS,DNB     
Dr. Anumeha Anand MBBS,MS 
JR Dr Ritu Kumari MBBS
Dr Suman Bharti MBBS
Dr. Pooja Kumari MBBS
Professor & HOD Dr Shailesh Prasad MBBS,MD
Professor Dr Ajit Gupta MBBS,MD
Asso.Prof Dr Basant Narayan Singh MBBS,MD
Asst.Prof Dr Ranjeet Kumar MBBS,MD
Dr Ambuj MBBS,MD
Dr Sashikant MBBS,MD
SR Dr Neha Nupoor MBBS,MD
Dr Bindia Kaur Bali MBBS,MD
JR Dr.Kumar Abhishek MBBS
Dr.Gaurav Kumar Singh MBBS
Asso.Prof Dr Sanjay Kr. Chaudhary MBBS, MD
Asst.Prof Dr. Ravi Kumar MBBS,MD
SR Dr Rajesh Kr. Singh MBBS,MD
Dr. Anil Kumar Pandey MBBS,MD
Asst.Prof Dr Richa Dubey BDS                                               MDS   
JR Dr Shritika BDS                                      








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