Doctors in Emergency

In Emergency of Netaji Subhas Medical College & Hospital Assistant Professor & Consultant from Medicine, Surgery , Ortho, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Anaesthesiology are available 24*7. Apart from the senior doctors a team of CMO , Hospital Managers are at disposal to support the doctors in any case of emergency.

Ambulance Service

NSMCH provides round the clock ambulance services to critically ill patients. The ambulances are fully equipped with gadgets for cardiac monitoring, invasive and non- invasive BP monitoring and ventilator support. An ICU trained Doctor, nurse and healthcare assistant accompany the patient during the transit period.

Scope of Services in Emergency @ NSMCH

All kind of Emergency and Critical services available round the clock. The Emergency area has a dedicated Triage with all life saving support and professionally trained manpower to handle emergency cases. The Emergency Section at NSMCH has a dedicated and fully equipped Modular Operation Theatre , One Minor Operation Theatre , Mobile X-Ray, Ventilator and 24 Hour Pathology & Radiology Services are available.

Cardiac, Neuro & Ortho trauma, Road Accidents, Burn, Abdominal, Gynaecology, Vascular Trauma , Snake Bites etc cases are effectively treated in the NSMCH Emergency.





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